Happy Grateful Blessed with Tami Tran

Jan Schuurman and Pan-Cree-a#%

May 31, 2022

In this episode, with Jan Schuurman (owner of Rickle's Food Truck) you'll learn about faith, hope, and hard work. This is a love story that started more than  40 years ago with Rick and Jan and grew to include a trailer pulled by beloved trucks "Blue" and "Black" and friendships that will last a lifetime.


This is an excerpt from one of Nurse Jan's reports on her husband Rick Schuurman's progress. On June 6,  2019 Rick was diagnosed with Necrotizing Acute Pancreatitis. A disease affectionately renamed "Pan-Cree-a#%". They've not only endured, but they've also triumphed through their trials with a healthy sense of humor and deep love and respect for one another.

Here's an excerpt from one of Nurse Jan's updates on Rick:

"As we near the end of week 4 of the feeding tube, we have to get creative, even though he can’t taste anything from the tube. He is eating a little by mouth. For instance he had soup tonight. Just something simple once a day. Most of the time it’s a banana. We are looking at surgery this Friday. The surgery is called a Cystogastrostomy. Say that with your mouth full of crackers. Cystogastrostomy is a surgery to create an opening between a pancreatic pseudocyst and the stomach when the cyst is in a suitable position to be drained into the stomach. This conserves pancreatic juices that would otherwise be lost. The surgery will be about 6 hours, followed by about a week in the hospital. His nose feeding tube will be replaced with one inserted into his side. We are hoping this will take care of Pan. He has necrotizing acute pancreatitis. Pancreatic necrosis implies a permanent condition in which a portion of the pancreas loses its blood supply. We have certainly felt and appreciate all the love and concern that has been directed our way. We are still looking at a year in recovery. Thank you again for your prayers."  Jan Shuurman 8/13/2019

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