Happy Grateful Blessed with Tami Tran

Ally Isom: Kaysville Resident, Senate Candidate, Business & Community Leader

June 14, 2022

Many people know Ally Isom the Kaysville resident, former Kaysville City Council Member, Business & Community Leader and Senate Candidate.  I would like to introduce listeners to Ally Isom the woman, mother, compassionate & caring friend and her "Whys" for running for the United States Senate. Ally is genuine in word and deed.  With the primary election just months away, she and her husband chose to open their home to a wonderful family from the Ukraine, a tough decision made for the right reasons. Although she loves hearing the delightful Ukrainian voices of small children as they fill her home, her campaign headquarters have moved from her home office to her RV parked in front of her house where she and her team work on her campaign. This is Senate Candidate Ally Isom.    If you’d like to be interviewed on this podcast schedule here: https://calendly.com/tamitran/podcast_recording_session

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